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urban settlement Velykodolinske,
Odessa district 67832

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Plastic tanks for water. The production of the tanks from 10 to 30000 liters.

Plastic tanks for water. Plastic tanks, polyethylene tanks for water (accumulative reservoirs, barrels, cans) by “Euro Plast” are manufactured by the newest technique of rotary shaping. All the modifications of plastic tanks are multilayer and unit-cast without any seams. Rotary shaping is a universal method of recycling of polyethylene materials which gives the opportunity to manufacture high-quality comp

Today the company “Euro Plast” presents more than 150 modifications of accumulative multilayer tanks (polyethylene, plastic.) The company’s tanks can be bought in many cities of Ukraine.  Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Donetsk, Zaporozhe, Lutsk, Lvov, Ternopol, Uzhgorod, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Cherkassy, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Kerch, Kirovograd, Chernigov, Khmelnitsky, Nikolayev, Kherson, Rovno, Mariupol, Sumy, – the list of cities where the dealers and representatives of the company work is not complete.etitive produce for different spheres of use both household and industrial.


The assortment of the “Euro Plast” produce:

vertik gorizont kvadratnue

Vertical plastic tanks for

water from 60 to 30000 liters

Horizontal plastic tanks

from 85 to 5500 liters

Square tanks

from 100 to 1000 liters

dush perevozka tara

Tanks for the summer soul

from 60 to 30000 liters

Tank for the transport 5000 l Cans  of 5 l to 120 l
kanistru kadka kadki

Canisters of 5 l to 40 l

Tubs for wine 100-1000 l

Flower pots, 65 l and 130 l


poddon pogreb2 s_konusom_1


Plastic cellar 

5   7,5  10  cubic meters

Tanks with conical bottom

from 1 000 to 15 000 liters

block uglovue_emkosti

Road blocks (barriers)

of three modifications

Angular tank 100, 150, 200 l Tanks for agriculture

  • Plastic tanks for drinking water and corrosive liquids are manufactured according to a customer’s requirements.

The qualities of the plastic tanks by “Euro Plast” meet all the requirements imposed to tanks at the enterprises of:

-         Food industry (tanks for the accumulation and storage of liquids and dry substances);

-         Chemical industry (tanks for storage of corrosive agents);

-         Machine-building industry (tanks for fuel and chemical agents);

-         Agriculture and fishery (tanks for greenhouses, stock-raising complexes, sprayers, fish storage and transportation);

-         Building industry.


The tanks are perfect for household use:

-  Accumulating water in blocks of flats and private houses (drinking water and service water for watering fields),

-  Septic tanks in cottages;

-  Tanks for summer shower;

-  Storing food products;

-  Salting and pickling.


Polymeric (plastic) tanks and cans by “Euro Plast” are intended to store in the steady-state conditions:

  • liquid,
  • viscid,
  • fluid|castable|,
  • powdery,
  • granular,
  • alcohol-containing’
  • food,
  • chemical|chinagraph|,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • combustive-lubricating   and other corrosive substances (see|q.v.| the chart of resistance).

The advantages of the tanks by “Euro Plast”:

-         A long operation period (after 50 years the material loses 2% of its qualities);

-         The operation is acceptable under the temperature from -40C to +70C;

-         The absence of corrosion;

-         The possibility to produce tanks of any configuration and size, with the volume up to 30 tons;

-         A low weight (a 1000 liter tank weighs 27 kg, a 10 ton one – 223kg );

-         Competitive price as compared to similar metal tanks;

-         A unit-cast cover without seams provides impermeability and reliability;

-         The possibility of the underground installation while meeting the technical requirements of the developers.

Numerous layers of the plastic tanks are the main advantage of the produce by “Euro Plast” . The newest technologies, which are introduced into the production, allow offering our clients polyethylene tanks with two-, three - and more layers. It is a result of specified influence on the polymer. Extra transversal chemical links are generated between the molecules which improve the operational qualities of the tanks.

emkosti_8 The first outer layer made of food polyethylene (standard dark blue)  provides the defense from the penetrating of the ultraviolet rays and   prevents water from the green scum.

The second inner layer (standard white or blue) is made of polyethylene meant for food products and drinking water. An ultraviolet stabilizing agent is added.


The extra inner layer can be made of the foamed polyethylene. It considerably increases the stiffness and bending durability of the tanks, allows them to resist high loads and adds thermo-insulating qualities to the products. It is missing in the standard items.

emkosti_cvetenie2 emkosti_cvetenie_3


The strengthened stiffening ribs and many layers make the tanks (cans, barrels) firmer. Such tanks can be used for transportation.

All the products meet the sanitary requirements; have the Ukrainian certificate of conformance and the state sanitary epidemiological assessment.

The company also manufactures the tanks by individual projects!

“Euro Plast” -  We do our best to make the European quality affordable for Ukrainian consumers!

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 You can buy the tanks and other products by visiting the Internet-shop  www.mir-emkostei.com.ua  or the site www.emkosti.in.ua

We are organizing a dealers’ network! We are open for the cooperation on the individual and mutually profitable terms!

мкость для воды и других агрессивных сред. Емкости пластиковые от 60 до 30000 литров.  Куплю емкость для  питьевой воды по цене производителя. Доставка емкостей  осуществляется в кратчайшие сроки. Большой ассортимент многослойных емкостей. Емкости для душа разных объемов и размеров.