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Plastic tanks for the transportation of water, fertilizers, carbonate-ammoniac mixture and other substances.

perevoz__5 Horizontal plastic tanks are widely used for the transportation of liquid and dry substances. Private enterprises, farmers and small companies which need to transport water, fertilizers, carbonate-ammoniac mixture and other substances up to the volume of 5 tons use plastic tanks installed on cars, trucks, KAMAZs, microbuses, trailers and other vehicles at hand. “Euro Plast” company recommends using the strengthened tanks, which guarantees a long term field and highway operation. The same tanks are used to transport fish, dry and corrosive substances. The volumes of the tanks are chosen to match the parameters of the vehicles. The tanks with the volume of 1000 L, 2000 L, 3000 L, 5000 L, are more often used to transport water.




The advantages of the using of plastic tanks for transportation:

-          Low weight of the tanks;

-          Easily installed and removed, which allows to use a vehicle not only as a water carrier;

-          The opportunity to make extra drainage holes of different diameters;

-           resistance to UV rays and temperature drops, etc.

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